Hi, it's me Steffi Lynn! After attending Adobe's 99U Conference, I was inspired to create a little booklet as part of an influencer program with Adobe 99U that showcases my unique creative skills. I attended Meg Lewis's Full Time You workshop that helped me highlight bits and parts of who I am and what I liked to do as a creative.

I started this process by listing the skills that I have and what I can offer. Then I circled and revised my wording to be more fun and in my voice! Such as “plant lover” and “designs and things and stuff.” Next I used Adobe Sketch on my iPad to create a color palette. Then the sketching begins! After creating the first page, I reused some icons and elements on all the other pages. I wanted the book to feel cohesive on all the pages but not too uniform. I exported all the files to Adobe Photoshop to edit anything that seemed like it needed transformation.

From there, I imported everything to Adobe InDesign to create the booklet! Yay! Lastly, I did some test prints and TADA! My booklet!